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Press materials

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Fact Sheets


  • Example pack with safety features (JPG)


Pack with safety features. Image compliant to the German pharmaceutical advertising law and the securPharm coding rules.

Source: securPharm e.V.
As of: December 2016


  • Securing pharmaceuticals by securPharm system (jpg)

Overview of how the anti-counterfeiting system works.

Source: securPharm e.V.
As of: December 2020

Videos – Footage

The following files contain video footage in HD quality. It is free to use in the context of your coverage of securPharm.

This sequence shows: The outer package of medicinal products are printed with the 2D data matrix code at a manufacturer site / close up of packages with data matrix code / data matrix codes printed inline and display of control monitor / staff checking the control monitor / boxes full of packages ready to deliver

Source: securPharm e.V.
As Of: 2013

This sequence shows: pharmacy from outside / a wholesaler delivering to the pharmacy / patenit and pharmacist, pharamcist gets medicine / close up of the package with data matrix code / package is scanned

Source: securPharm e.V.
As Of: 2013