Update: Problem solved


Update: The system malfunction could be remedied. The system is available again. Research into the causes is ongoing.

Original message:

Due to a malfunction, verification and deregistration at the securPharm system is currently not possible.

The pharmacy server will respond with “SP-901 NMVS not available”.

When opening the web portal of the database of the pharmaceutical industry, the error “502 Bad Gateway” or ‘NMVS_Error’ is displayed.

We are working to remedy the fault and inform you as soon as the system is available again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Action option for submitting positions

In the event of technical faults at the time of delivery, Article 29 DVO permits the dispensing of pharmaceuticals and the verification and deregistration to be carried out retrospectively as soon as the faults have been remedied. To do this, the serial number and the product code must be noted on delivery (or the data matrix code photographed) and the package must be booked out manually after the technical problems have been resolved. It should be clarified with the software provider whether and how the respective ERP system supports this.