Change for Intermarket Transaktions


On Thursday, 18.08.2022, a changeover will take place in the securPharm system: In the special case of intermarket transactions (IMT for short), a so-called temporarily consistent client ID will be transmitted as of the changeover. In this case, temporary means that the client ID is replaced by a new client ID after a maximum of six months.

NGDA has ensures that the temporarily consistent client ID for IMT does not allow any conclusion to be drawn about the existing N-ID of the End User or can otherwise be used for identification. Thus, a high level of protection of sensitive data of the End User is also maintained for this special case. IMT only occur when a package produced (exclusively) for a foreign market is verified or dispensed, e.g. in the context of an individual import pursuant to Section 73 (3) AMG.

Nothing changes in the rest of the system. I.e. for all other system queries, the dynamic pseudonymisation of the client ID continues to take place: each system query of the verifying authorities is carried out using a new pseudonym. This pseudonym is generated using a dynamic randomisation process.

The change implements an European requirement for the EMVS. The measure serves to improve the protection against falsification in the cross-border movement of goods and is therefore also in the interest of the End Users.

In the next update of the FAQ, we will include this technical change for IMTs in an appropriate place.